Be attentive

Be attentive Watch a physical and mental condition of the child.

Whether occurs changes in behavior of the kid after blow or falling Whether there is no slackness and apathy or on the contrary, excessive activity and restlessness.

If the child excludes one of extremities of movement, shudders from sharp pain, it can be an indicator of existence of a change.

Try to understand difficult language of a children's mimicry and telodvizheniye.

You are the first person who is on the threshold of establishment of the correct diagnosis.

Be attentive to behavior of the child.

Wellbeing of the child depends on your attentiveness and ability to find a common language with the kid.

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The boy had a certain

The boy had a certain Protect it from fears and constraint.

Support it, let she will feel herself the girl in a beautiful bathing suit.

Image of future family Children create an image of future spouse or the spouse in a family of parents.

Watching how mother, what does she think of the father behaves, the boy creates for itself the main characteristics of the future wife.

By years this image is quite issued.

The boy had a certain opinion on for what there are women.

If he sees that the father comes drunk and eternally breaks on mother, and that selects behind it splinters of the broken furniture and dirty things, the boy forms an image of the future wife which should behind it everything uncomplaining to select.

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Astrophysics It especially public.

the state cannot solve it policemen methe events on our small planet and in space.

We learn the reasons of our internal states and a condition of achievement of absolute comfort; the reasons of life and death which too are concluded in the nature; all evolution, general plan of creation.

Astrophysics feel the Universe as thought.

We can learn it.

if we voluntary go on it, – that means voluntary – Without resting and without remaining small unfortunate animals on a surface of our planet.

if we want to study to change ourselves, we can deystviunderstand telno all system of a universe and solve all these equations.

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Let's argue

Let's argue IX YET WE DO NOT WRITE, BUT ALREADY WE DICTATE Stories according to pictures.

Text retelling.

Stories about events in family life, that saw and heard.

Let's argue From the very first lessons we employed the child with the book.

Looking on pictures, he listened to our stories, finishing begun by us offer word known to it.

Once upon a time there was a grandfather, also there was at it a house.

The house had a pipe, from a pipe went smoke.


We made chains of verbs and nouns, which formed a basis for transition to phrase speech Mother sits on a chair, holds a spoon and feeds Kolya.

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It dolzhbut

It dolzhbut Also every possible practical training is necessary.

A half of school hours should be given under such occupations.

It dolzhbut to become the most important in society.

From all directions the person should be about this idea, communication, communication, interaction, mutual aid.

And first of all, it should be internally adjusted on it.

We should a post is foamy to reconstruct all system.

The industry, because we not sootvetstvuy to the nature not only in our thoughts, but also at material level should be reformed.

Nuzhbut to pass to reasonable consumption, taking from the earth only necessary for existence.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Here some recommendations For the night include a humidifier in a nursery.

To facilitate breath it is possible when using the ointment containing menthol.

It is necessary to put it round a nose.

Slightly raise the head end of a bed.

During feeding of the child keep a small bottle in most raised situation.

Do not muffle up the kid.

Bathing before going to bed can improve breath by a nose and calm the child.

th WEEKGive the chance to the child to have a rest more It is very important, that at cold the child received a large amount of liquid and had more a rest.

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Unlike a stomach

Unlike a stomach And on the contrary, when to mice after the delivery entered the prophetic stvo blocking oxytocin, they ceased to look after the In that case, why to us not to enter to women in labor oksi along with an analgetic It we will relieve them of pain, without having broken natural processes … The idea good, but is one problem.

Unlike a stomach ny, oxytocin arrives in a brain of the woman, only if she develops it.

The protective mechanism blocks oksi, entered from the outside, and even detains him natural liberation.

Actually, oxytocin represents only one of three hormonal groups connected with process of the birth.

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